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Each of our races has a couple of pages on Facebook – one with information about the race and one which is a general chat page. The general chat page is a great place to find other runners taking part in the race and to ask questions about it which will be answered by the race team and runners who have taken part in that race previously. You can find the links to these pages below.

If you have an urgent query about an upcoming race, please get in touch with us by email or phone. Whilst the Facebook pages are very interactive, busy places with lots of good info, posts can get missed in particularly busy times like the lead-up to races.

It wouldn’t be possible to put on any of our races without the help of the large number of volunteers who give up their time to make sure the day goes to plan and all runners are looked-after. As well as being rewarding, if you’re a runner it can also be very interesting to see what an ultra marathon looks like from an organisation point of view. If you’re interested in volunteering, please get in touch with us.

You can reach us at the office number below, or if you’re taking part in one of our events, you’ll have the mobile numbers of both Bill and Mike in your race briefing pack.



telephone: 0131 660 3000 | e:


Facebook Pages

Great Glen Ultra Facebook Page | Great Glen Ultra Chat Page

Glenmore 24 Trail Race Facebook Page | Glenmore 24 Chat Page

Glen Ogle 33 Facebook Page | Glen Ogle 33 Chat Page

Glen Lyon Ultra Facebook Page | Glen Lyon Ultra Chat Page – Coming soon…..