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Glen Lyon Races 2019

Entries for our annual Glen Lyon Ultra and Trail Races are opening on Sunday 30th September via SiEntries. The 2019 race weekend will be the 4th and 5th of May. These races are growing in popularity every year and take place in one of the most stunning locations in the Scottish Highlands.

If you don’t believe us, why not check out this short video taken in 2017.

The Ultra is 31.5 miles in length and the Trail Race is 13.5 miles in length. Both are undulating, but very runnable and very doable if its your first race of this sort off-road.

Both races will be chip timed. Runners will receive a technical t-shirt or vest, race memento, medal and goody bag.

There will also be prizes for the race winners along with some spot prizes courtesy of our friends at Likeys, who have the widest range of specialist trail and ultra running kit in the UK.

You can enter the Trail Race via this link.

You can enter the ultra marathon via this link.


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Glen Ogle 33 2018 Race Briefing Pack

Here’s a link to download the race briefing and runner information pack for this year’s Glen Ogle 33.

For those of you who have done the race in past years, the only difference to note is that there’s going to be a single drop bag location at Strathyre.

Download your race pack(ed) full of fun by clicking here.



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Glen Ogle 33 2016 Runner Information Pack

Here’s this year’s runner information pack for the GO33. We will email it out to all runners within the next day. It is really important that all runners read this pack all the way through, even if you have done this race before.

If you have any questions, please email us before the race!

We’ll see you on the start-line in Killin in a few weeks time.’s%20Information%20Pack.pdf

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Glenmore 24 – 2016 Provisional Results

Thanks to everybody who took part in this weekend’s race. As promised, here’s a copy of the provisional results.

When I say provisional this means that there’s been a limited amount of double checking done in the field to make sure the winners in each race are correct. In the case of the relay team race, these were very straightforward due to the lack of data.

We have 24 hours worth of paper records to look through and compare to the 24 hours worth of computer records. When we start to do this, any omissions or mistakes become very obvious because of the nature of people’s lap times and the two timing systems in operation.

When looking through this file, if you want to query something, please email me at with a subject line “G24 Results”.

We will be doing these checks over the course of this week. At this time, we have vans to empty, sleep to catch up on and jobs to go to (boo!), but we’ll get right on the exciting data validation work asap.

Please don’t post queries on Facebook as they will get lost in amongst the hundreds of posts which typically follow this sort of event and we won’t have much time to read through the social media posts until later in the week anyway.

Time for a wee drink, sláinte everyone, you should all be incredibly proud of your efforts!



Provisional Results File

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Glenmore 24

In order to safeguard the future of the race, we will need to restrict the number of support crew for solo and relay runners from this year going forward.

Whilst we limit the number of runners taking place in the event itself to ensure our original vision and feel for the race isn’t lost, the number of people coming along to support has grown exponentially year on year. We need to abide by the guidelines of our partners in the event and also make sure we can cater for runners without compromising on health & safety whilst also minimising the environmental impact.

Not to mention the simple fact that we’re setting up in a field outside a forest with no resources in place to cater for anybody so we need to provide everything.

We will be emailing all runners with information regarding this over the next few days.


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Great Glen Reccie & Runner’s Info Pack

With under 4 weeks to race day, we’ve added the runner’s information pack to the race info page and emailed it out to all runners. We’re still getting people entering the race which is great and are on track to have our largest field yet, with the race continuing to grow year on year.

Last weekend I did a reccie run of the section from Fort Augustus to Drumnadrochit to check out the high route. It wasn’t great weather at first, in fact it was baltic, but by the second half of the run it was scorching hot and I ended up sitting in the river at Drumnadrochit to cool down once finished. There’s very little water on the hills and the ground is very hard underfoot, so unless there’s a lot of rain in the next few weeks, I’ll be bringing my road shoes for any sweeping duties. Unless of course I turn to the dark side and find a pair of Hoka’s that will fit my wide Hobbit-like feet.

The views from the high route really are something else. With the mist and rain cleared, you can see for a ridiculously long distance in all directions, so hopefully runners will take the time to look around. Often some of the best views are behind you or off to the right-hand side where you can see over Loch Ness and into valleys, with more valleys behind them and mountains as far as you can see.

There were also some standout views be had when after finally topping out on a climb, I could see the top of the next climb a few miles in the distance, the trail breaking out from tree cover and snaking up to the top of the hill, seemingly impossibly high… Because of course I knew I was heading in to a checkpoint location which was back down at sea level. So what comes down must go back up.

Whilst hard underfoot, the GGW certainly makes for a less frustrating running experience than sections of the West Highland Way. There’s nothing to rival the jarring “cobbles” of Rannoch Moor or the large stones that seem to have been dumped all over the surface of the Lairig Mor, so there’s good running to be had by all abilities across the length of the route. As much as I love the WHW route, those sections can be very frustrating if you’re tired and/or having a bad day!

Its one of those races I’d like to  run myself one day if I could leave my fellow race team to take care of the little things like making sure the race goes off without a hitch….

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Great Glen Ultra

Things are ticking along nicely, not long now until the 2017 Great Glen Ultra.  I need to confirm final number for the bus company in the next couple of weeks, so please do book your ticket if you’ve not already done so and you wish to travel up with us from Inverness.

I’ve put a list online of those already booked on.  If you feel you should be on the list and don’t appear to be, please do get in touch.

I’ll be closing the Bus Tickets on the 6th of June.


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Glen Ogle 33 2016

With our first race of the season taking place next week, it is time to think about the last one of the year!

Entries for GO33 2016 will open at 9pm on the 4th of June.   500 places, first come first serve, no wait list, no deferrals, no swapsies and no refunds.  A cheap and cheeky wee run to round off the year.

We will have a ceilidh after the race in Killin and hold our 2016 BAM prize giving then. Ceilidh tickets will go on sale later on in the year, with all ticket sales once again going to CRUK – Killin.

Put it in your diary, tell your friends, set an alarm…don’t miss out!