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Great Glen Reccie & Runner’s Info Pack

With under 4 weeks to race day, we’ve added the runner’s information pack to the race info page and emailed it out to all runners. We’re still getting people entering the race which is great and are on track to have our largest field yet, with the race continuing to grow year on year.

Last weekend I did a reccie run of the section from Fort Augustus to Drumnadrochit to check out the high route. It wasn’t great weather at first, in fact it was baltic, but by the second half of the run it was scorching hot and I ended up sitting in the river at Drumnadrochit to cool down once finished. There’s very little water on the hills and the ground is very hard underfoot, so unless there’s a lot of rain in the next few weeks, I’ll be bringing my road shoes for any sweeping duties. Unless of course I turn to the dark side and find a pair of Hoka’s that will fit my wide Hobbit-like feet.

The views from the high route really are something else. With the mist and rain cleared, you can see for a ridiculously long distance in all directions, so hopefully runners will take the time to look around. Often some of the best views are behind you or off to the right-hand side where you can see over Loch Ness and into valleys, with more valleys behind them and mountains as far as you can see.

There were also some standout views be had when after finally topping out on a climb, I could see the top of the next climb a few miles in the distance, the trail breaking out from tree cover and snaking up to the top of the hill, seemingly impossibly high… Because of course I knew I was heading in to a checkpoint location which was back down at sea level. So what comes down must go back up.

Whilst hard underfoot, the GGW certainly makes for a less frustrating running experience than sections of the West Highland Way. There’s nothing to rival the jarring “cobbles” of Rannoch Moor or the large stones that seem to have been dumped all over the surface of the Lairig Mor, so there’s good running to be had by all abilities across the length of the route. As much as I love the WHW route, those sections can be very frustrating if you’re tired and/or having a bad day!

Its one of those races I’d like to  run myself one day if I could leave my fellow race team to take care of the little things like making sure the race goes off without a hitch….

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Volunteering for BaM

Whilst sitting here checking through results for last weekend’s Glenmore 24, I thought I’d put up a quick post about our new plans for race volunteers. Like the majority of ultra marathons in Scotland, the BaM team aren’t full-time race organisers and so when it comes to race day, we come to rely on a team of volunteers who are happy to give up their time to come along and help us put on the best race we can. Without understating things, until you’ve marshalled at an event, you wouldn’t believe the amount of preparation and time that goes in to making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day. After five years of organising these things, we’re still learning lessons from every event about what went well and what didn’t go so well, so we can hopefully make the following year’s race even better.

We can’t tell you how grateful we are for the volunteers who have helped at our events. Without them, we couldn’t put any of our races on. Whether its people helping to mark the course, prepare goody bags, marshal at checkpoints or road crossings or helping at the finish line, it seems like we need more and more helpers every year. When you do help out at our races, we’ll provide food & drink and also some race memorabilia to say thank you, but marshals also find that its a very rewarding day out which also gives a very different perspective on race day.

So, going forward, if you marshall at a BaM event, we’ll give you a free place in the BaM race of your choosing within the following 12 months.

If you are interested in volunteering, just click here to send us an email and we’ll get in touch with you.





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Great Glen Ultra 2016 – Race Entry Now Open

We’ve now opened entries for the 2016 race via the shop link above, or you can simply click here to go straight to the page.

What do you need to know about the 2016 race?

  • Race date is the 2nd of July 2016.
  • The course is point to point and is 71 miles long.
  • The race starts outside Fort William and ends at Inverness sports stadium.
  • The scenery is breathtaking, even moreso along the high route which we’ll be using in 2016.
  • The race is designed to be run self-supported so no need for crews. We will transport your bags of race supplies to checkpoints along the route for you to collect.
  • The 2016 race be a three point qualifying event for the Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc series of races.

All the best with your training!!



Bill, Mike & Cat.