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Glenmore 24

In order to safeguard the future of the race, we will need to restrict the number of support crew for solo and relay runners from this year going forward.

Whilst we limit the number of runners taking place in the event itself to ensure our original vision and feel for the race isn’t lost, the number of people coming along to support has grown exponentially year on year. We need to abide by the guidelines of our partners in the event and also make sure we can cater for runners without compromising on health & safety whilst also minimising the environmental impact.

Not to mention the simple fact that we’re setting up in a field outside a forest with no resources in place to cater for anybody so we need to provide everything.

We will be emailing all runners with information regarding this over the next few days.


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Great Glen Ultra

Things are ticking along nicely, not long now until the 2017 Great Glen Ultra.  I need to confirm final number for the bus company in the next couple of weeks, so please do book your ticket if you’ve not already done so and you wish to travel up with us from Inverness.

I’ve put a list online of those already booked on.  If you feel you should be on the list and don’t appear to be, please do get in touch.

I’ll be closing the Bus Tickets on the 6th of June.


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Glen Ogle 33 2016

With our first race of the season taking place next week, it is time to think about the last one of the year!

Entries for GO33 2016 will open at 9pm on the 4th of June.   500 places, first come first serve, no wait list, no deferrals, no swapsies and no refunds.  A cheap and cheeky wee run to round off the year.

We will have a ceilidh after the race in Killin and hold our 2016 BAM prize giving then. Ceilidh tickets will go on sale later on in the year, with all ticket sales once again going to CRUK – Killin.

Put it in your diary, tell your friends, set an alarm…don’t miss out!






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Glen Lyon Ultra 2016 – Race Briefing Pack

Click on this link to download the 2016 Glen Lyon Race Briefing Pack. We have just emailed this out to all runners currently on the start list (we have 3 more entries to process which we’ll do tomorrow) and have also made it available on the Race Info page and our Facebook chat page.

As always, please email us if you have any questions about it or even better, post up on the Facebook chat page as it will let other runners see what you’re asking about and will also let other members of the race team respond.

See you all in a couple of weeks time at Glen Lyon!


Team BaM

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Race Start lists

The Great Glen Ultra and Glenmore 24 start lists will be online shortly.  I’ve just a few bits and pieces to find out from people who perhaps mistyped on their entries.

If you entered a race on behalf of a friend or family member can you please email in their details to me at so I can keep the list as up to date as possible.

If you notice any mistakes, spelling or otherwise, please also email in rather than going though the Facebook pages as lots gets missed on there when it develops into a posting frenzy!






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GO33 2015 T-shirt ordering

Evening all. Been sorting through all the BAM race merch we have here and have updated everything still in stock. All race t-shirts are now £6 or under. I’ve some G24 hoodies on there, and new BAM Buffs are now available!

I’ve also opened up the Glen Ogle 33 2015 t-shirt ordering so those who missed out first time round can get a race t-shirt. I will close this on 01DEC15 in order to get them printed up and sent out, hopefully before Christmas.


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Its GO Time!!!!!


BAM is all packed up and heading to Killin this morning.  If you need to get in touch with any of the race team then texting would be the best option..but please be aware that reception is a bit dodgy at times! (mobile numbers are in the race pack)

To all our lovely marshals, thank you very VERY much, to all our lovely runners, enjoy our little race, and thank you to the people of Killin for letting us move into their village for the weekend.

See everyone soon!

Cat, Bill & Mike

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Glenmore 24 – Race Briefing Pack

We’ve emailed this year’s race briefing pack out to all of the runners today, but here’s a link to download a copy if you haven’t received it (one tip… Hotmail users please check your spam folder as that’s often where our emails end up for some reason).

There’s under three weeks to go now and race preparation is in full flow for us here at BaM HQ. If you have any questions about the race, you can ask on Facebook which usually gets a quick response, but as race day gets closer, things get even more mad for us here, so if you have an urgent question, please give us a call as we won’t be online as much.

This is the race’s 5th Birthday which is just scary, we have no idea where time has gone and when you look at how many runners took part in year one, its amazing to see how the race has grown during that time. This year will see the relay race running in full for the first time and the Friday night party will be Cowboys & Indians themed, so we can’t wait to see your fancy dress costumes. Did we mention there’s an actual bucking bronco coming along too? Now there’s one way to put yourself out of a race with an interesting injury…. We’ve also invited back some of the past winners of the 12 & 24 hour events to take place, so we’re expecting a very competitive race at the sharp end.

Right, best get back to the glamorous job of labelling bottles.

See you in a few weeks time!