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Glenmore 24 – 2016 Provisional Results

Thanks to everybody who took part in this weekend’s race. As promised, here’s a copy of the provisional results.

When I say provisional this means that there’s been a limited amount of double checking done in the field to make sure the winners in each race are correct. In the case of the relay team race, these were very straightforward due to the lack of data.

We have 24 hours worth of paper records to look through and compare to the 24 hours worth of computer records. When we start to do this, any omissions or mistakes become very obvious because of the nature of people’s lap times and the two timing systems in operation.

When looking through this file, if you want to query something, please email me at with a subject line “G24 Results”.

We will be doing these checks over the course of this week. At this time, we have vans to empty, sleep to catch up on and jobs to go to (boo!), but we’ll get right on the exciting data validation work asap.

Please don’t post queries on Facebook as they will get lost in amongst the hundreds of posts which typically follow this sort of event and we won’t have much time to read through the social media posts until later in the week anyway.

Time for a wee drink, sláinte everyone, you should all be incredibly proud of your efforts!



Provisional Results File