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Glen Ogle 33 – Important Information for All Runners

Afternoon all,
When marking the course today we’ve found an issue at one of the checkpoints which is causing us concern from a safety perspective. We are therefore going to make changes to the checkpoints for tomorrow’s race. We appreciate this is short notice, but your safety is our paramount concern and the changes are very minor and won’t impact your race.
  • Checkpoint 1 will still be at the top of the valley approx 6 miles from the start.
  • Checkpoint 2 will be approximately 10 miles from the start and just slightly earlier than normal.
  • Checkpoint 3 will now be in Strathyre Forestry car park at approximately 15/16 miles which is when you turn to come back.
  • Checkpoint 4 will now be at approximately 22 miles.
  • Checkpoint 5 – At the top of the valley, checkpoint 1 will now be water-only checkpoint only 3 miles (all downhill) from the finish. There will also be a scavenging table here with leftover food and drinks left by runners.
You can still have up to four drop bags but the distances have changed.
If you were planning to have two drop bags in total, you will now need to split them.
We appreciate this is a last minute change, but if you’re a first-timer, please don’t panic. The above actually means you’ll get more benefit from your last drop bag.
If you have any questions, you can bring them up at registration tonight.
See you soon,
Mike, Bill & Cat.
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Its GO Time!!!!!


BAM is all packed up and heading to Killin this morning.  If you need to get in touch with any of the race team then texting would be the best option..but please be aware that reception is a bit dodgy at times! (mobile numbers are in the race pack)

To all our lovely marshals, thank you very VERY much, to all our lovely runners, enjoy our little race, and thank you to the people of Killin for letting us move into their village for the weekend.

See everyone soon!

Cat, Bill & Mike

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Glen Ogle 33 – 2015 Race Briefing Pack

Its nearly time! Two weeks left until this year’s GO33, so here’s the runner briefing pack. Please get in touch with us by email ( if you have any questions about the race pack.

We’d just like to remind you of a few golden rules!

  • Race registration is at the McLaren Hall in Killin on Friday night and Saturday morning.
  • You will need photo ID to register – race places are not transferrable.
  • Your race number can be found here.
  • Please car share to the race wherever possible and park courteously. Within a few hundred metres of the race start there’s the local Ambulance, Fire and Police Stations, so we simply cannot afford to cause any impact to traffic here.
  • The race has to be run unsupported.
  • Please use small bags for your drop bags so that means no rucksacks, suitcases etc.
  • There’s a few tickets left for the ceilidh but they’ll be coming off sale this Thursday.

Remember to enjoy yourselves and to also check out the views. We were up there doing a final reccie yesterday and the place is looking stunning.

We’d like to wish everyone all the best and will see you in a couple of weeks time on the start line in Killin.

BaM ©

Glen Ogle 33 2015 Runner Info Pack

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Volunteering for BaM

Whilst sitting here checking through results for last weekend’s Glenmore 24, I thought I’d put up a quick post about our new plans for race volunteers. Like the majority of ultra marathons in Scotland, the BaM team aren’t full-time race organisers and so when it comes to race day, we come to rely on a team of volunteers who are happy to give up their time to come along and help us put on the best race we can. Without understating things, until you’ve marshalled at an event, you wouldn’t believe the amount of preparation and time that goes in to making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day. After five years of organising these things, we’re still learning lessons from every event about what went well and what didn’t go so well, so we can hopefully make the following year’s race even better.

We can’t tell you how grateful we are for the volunteers who have helped at our events. Without them, we couldn’t put any of our races on. Whether its people helping to mark the course, prepare goody bags, marshal at checkpoints or road crossings or helping at the finish line, it seems like we need more and more helpers every year. When you do help out at our races, we’ll provide food & drink and also some race memorabilia to say thank you, but marshals also find that its a very rewarding day out which also gives a very different perspective on race day.

So, going forward, if you marshall at a BaM event, we’ll give you a free place in the BaM race of your choosing within the following 12 months.

If you are interested in volunteering, just click here to send us an email and we’ll get in touch with you.





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Great Glen Ultra 2016 – Race Entry Now Open

We’ve now opened entries for the 2016 race via the shop link above, or you can simply click here to go straight to the page.

What do you need to know about the 2016 race?

  • Race date is the 2nd of July 2016.
  • The course is point to point and is 71 miles long.
  • The race starts outside Fort William and ends at Inverness sports stadium.
  • The scenery is breathtaking, even moreso along the high route which we’ll be using in 2016.
  • The race is designed to be run self-supported so no need for crews. We will transport your bags of race supplies to checkpoints along the route for you to collect.
  • The 2016 race be a three point qualifying event for the Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc series of races.

All the best with your training!!



Bill, Mike & Cat.

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Glenmore 24 – Race Briefing Pack

We’ve emailed this year’s race briefing pack out to all of the runners today, but here’s a link to download a copy if you haven’t received it (one tip… Hotmail users please check your spam folder as that’s often where our emails end up for some reason).

There’s under three weeks to go now and race preparation is in full flow for us here at BaM HQ. If you have any questions about the race, you can ask on Facebook which usually gets a quick response, but as race day gets closer, things get even more mad for us here, so if you have an urgent question, please give us a call as we won’t be online as much.

This is the race’s 5th Birthday which is just scary, we have no idea where time has gone and when you look at how many runners took part in year one, its amazing to see how the race has grown during that time. This year will see the relay race running in full for the first time and the Friday night party will be Cowboys & Indians themed, so we can’t wait to see your fancy dress costumes. Did we mention there’s an actual bucking bronco coming along too? Now there’s one way to put yourself out of a race with an interesting injury…. We’ve also invited back some of the past winners of the 12 & 24 hour events to take place, so we’re expecting a very competitive race at the sharp end.

Right, best get back to the glamorous job of labelling bottles.

See you in a few weeks time!




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Race Merch!

We, at BaM, are delighted to announce that our new online race merchandise shop is up and running.  You can pre-order your 2015 GO33 t-shirt along with our 2015 G24 Hoodies.  Both will be available at their respective races for collection.  Please note that there is a closing date on Pre Orders to allow adequate production time for our printers.

We have a selection of historic t-shirts still for sale, all reduced from their original prices for clearance.  Happy Shopping!!….

Bill, Mike and Cat


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Hello to all you Bams!

Welcome to our new BaM website! Since we organised our first race in 2011, the number of race websites & associated email addresses feels like its increased year on year. As a result, we’ve taken the decision to redirect all the other sites to this one in order to make this website a single source of information about all of our races which should make it easier for all concerned!

In addition to this, we’ve added a shop section to the site where you can buy race merchandise and  we also intend to make race entries available from here to keep admin costs to a minimum.

As a reminder, you can follow us on twitter here and you can email us by clicking here.



Bill, Mike & Cat.