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Please select which BAM race you marshalled at in order to qualify for your free race place.


One of the benefits of volunteering to help at a BAM race is that you qualify for a free race place in one of our events. To claim your free place, please select which race you would like to run-in and tell us which of our events you volunteered at.

We will be in touch in due course to confirm your place and gather any extra information needed.

Please note the following about the free race places for BAM crew.

  • They can’t be deferred or transferred.
  • They are valid for the following race season.
  • The Great Glen Ultra has minimum entry requirements – you need to have done a few ultras (or similar events – i.e. an Ironman,  where you know what you’re letting yourself in for!)

Additional information

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Glenmore 24, Glen Lyon Ultra, Glen Lyon Trail Race, Glen Ogle 33, Great Glen