We have a few key race “rules” which apply to all of our events. They’re more guidelines than rules, keep these in mind and you won’t go far wrong.

  • Keep an eye out for your fellow runner on the course. If someone is struggling, have a word with them, gee them on a bit and if you’re concerned for their wellbeing, let the race crew know.
  • If you’re doing something which feels wrong to you, or you’re the only one doing it (your support crew meeting you somewhere nobody’s else is and giving you a foot rub while fanning you), then there’s a good chance its not in the spirit of the event.
  • We really don’t like rules, but they’re in place to ensure a fair, safe race for all participants and also to ensure the future of the event.
  • The race crew are there to look after you and give you every chance of finishing. They have given up their time for free, for the love of the sport, so please make them feel valued in whatever interaction you may have with them.

We also have some more firm and fast rules for the events, a few of which are event specific. Whenever you enter one of our races, you’ll see a link to these rules and by entering, you’re acknowledging that you’ve read them and agree to abide by them. If you’re unsure about any of these, please get in touch with us before entering and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

Despite what some of the RD team would like to think, we can’t be everywhere at once and don’t have eyes in the back of our head, so our marshals are our eyes & ears out the course. They have our full support when making decisions which are all made with your safety in mind.

In these days where social media is so prevalent, please take a few minutes to re-read these rules before race day. We strongly believe that people don’t turn up on the day intending to break any race rules, so please don’t be that person who puts us in an awkward position because you’ve unwittingly broken one of them.

As with everything, if you’re unsure about anything on this page, please just ask!

  • We don’t like pacers or support runners. Our races are solo endurance challenges.
  • You’re not allowed to run with your dog on our event. Tell your dog we said “hi”, because we love dogs, but its a condition of our race insurance so this one is non negotiable.
  • Runners must be aged 20 years or over on race day.
  • We will ask for photo ID when you collect your race number and/or timing chip at registration.
  • Runners can listen to music when running, but please be aware of your fellow runners and members of the public. Headphones must be removed when running on any section of road, approaching road crossings or checkpoints.
  • You will see more and more races enforcing a “no headphones” rule now as its a stipulation of event insurance whenever runners are on a road which is not fully closed to traffic.
  • Runners must follow instructions issued by marshals.
  • The decision of any Race Director regarding the race, results, or runner safety is final.
  • Similarly, the decision of our race Medical Direction must be respected.
  • Muling is prohibited – that is, where runners are required to carry mandatory kit, they must carry their own kit for the duration.
  • We may need to revise rules and/or make adjustments to the courses to take account of external factors we encounter on the day – these are to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
  • We maintain the right to refuse or revoke entry to any applicant, where they believe that accepting the entry could prejudice the event, BAM Racing, event sponsors, associates or staff. This right of refusal extends to include applications where acceptance is considered by BAM Racing to be likely to infringe upon the enjoyment of any persons connected with the event, including staff, marshals, volunteers & other competitors.
  • We reserve the right to grant a place to any runner who in their opinion, has made, or is expected to make a contribution to the overall success of the race.

Race Specific Rules

As our races are all held in different locations and some are very different formats, there’s some event-specific rules we need to make you aware of. As with the above, these rules are in place to try and ensure everybody has a safe race; that its a fair & level playing field for all runner and to safeguard the future of each event.

We rely on the goodwill of a number of different landowners and organisations in order to stage these races, so need to make sure that we cause as little disruption as possible to these beautiful areas we are allowed to use.

Glen Lyon Ultra & Trail Race

  • There is no mobile phone coverage in the race area at all. The race team rely on satellite phones for the weekend, so please bear this in mind.

Great Glen Ultra

  • There are a number of short road sections along the route, typically which join-up sections of trail. Please remove headphones for these to ensure your own safety.

Glenmore 24

  • This event is run entirely off-road, so its fine to listen to music, but please be aware of your surroundings, members of the public and instructions from marshals.

Glen Ogle 33

  • There is a section of this route on a quiet, but unclosed road, so headphones must be removed to ensure your own safety.