Welcome current and future BAMmers….without you, we can’t hold our races.

Each year we have an army of willing, and dedicated volunteers standing out in all weathers cheering our runners on, helping to give our races the atmosphere that is so often discussed after an event.  Some are runners themselves, others are not, but each role played is just as important as the next one.

Our current race dates can be found on the front page of the website.  Each race requires a different number of marshals, with very differing roles. We will always place new marshals with some experienced crew, so don’t worry if you’ve never helped out before…we can teach you as you go!

Some examples of marshal duties include:

Water station marshals – helping runners to fill up water bottles/bladders.

Checkpoint marshals – handing out drop bags, ensuring a smooth a transition through the CP as possible.

Sweepers – essential at the back of the race, providing encouragement when required and keeping race control updated of the race progress.

Registration – checking in who will be running, updating start lists, handing out numbers checking ID…

Timing – recording runner times as they pass through specific part of the course.

In return for your help we will give you a race goodie bag packed full of lovely things from our many supporters and sponsors, an BAM Trinket (this varies from race to race..dependant on what Bill would like next!), a packed lunch on the day, a ticket for the end of season Ceilidh after GO33 in Killin and a free race place (providing you meet entry criteria) for any of our races within the following 12 months.

If you wish to take a race place then we ask that you contact us before entries open as after the race has sold out, we are unable to add any further places.  We regret that we cannot carry marshal places over from year to year.  After helping out, we will allow 12 months for the offer to be accepted, otherwise we will have another monstrous list on the go.  If you have entered a race, you cannot use your free marshal place retrospectively, standard race rules apply to all marshal places.

We have a marshal list running all the time, so if you wish to be added on please email us at and we can get all your details and answer any further questions you may have.


Thanks in advance.

Cat, Mike and Bill