Great Glen Ultra 2020 – Entries Open

We’ve just opened entries for next year’s Great Glen Ultra. The Great Glen is a 71 mile race along a historic Scottish glen, from Fort William to Inverness. The route takes you high above Loch Ness, with stunning views across a number of mountain ranges and countryside in every direction.

The race is a qualifying event for the UTMB series of events.

You can see more about the race on the race information page here.

You can enter the race at SiEntries by clicking on this clicky link.

Thieves Road Ultra – New Date

This week we took the decision to postpone the inaugural Thieves Road Ultra race by two weeks, to the 24th of August 2019. Due to the amber weather warning for thunder & lightning which was in place for the entire route, for the majority of the day, we felt like we had no choice. We have a duty of care for anybody doing our events and as you probably know, when there’s lightning forecast, you want to avoid high ground, exposed areas, wooded areas etc.

There’s been a fair amount of thunder & lightning in Lothians & Borders these last few weeks and every forecast we checked had Saturday 10th down as being torrential rain and 6 hours of thunder & lighting. Under the circumstances, we felt like it was the responsible and only decision we could make.

This is our 9th year of organising ultras in Scotland and is the first time we’ve ever had to postpone a race. We never thought we’d have to do it with an event in August in central Scotland. Unfortunately this “summer’s” weather has been rubbish and extremely changeable, even by Scottish summer standards.

Lighting strike map for 10th August 2019

We’ve got everything in place for the 24th of August now. If you are unable to make the race date, please email us for a full refund and also please accept our apologies for having to postpone the race.

We have also re-opened the race for entry at SiEntries – a few people were looking to enter after the original race had closed and we realise that the new date might mean some people can now take part who previously couldn’t.

As always, if you have any questions, please drop us an email.

We’re now even more excited to getting the inaugural race underway in just under two weeks time!

Thieves Road Race Briefing & Bib Numbers

We’re really excited about Thieves Road next weekend and hope you are too. Here’s some final, important information for all of you joining us.

Your race numbers are now available at SiEntries by clicking here. If you are leaving a drop bag in Peebles, please make sure your race number is marked clearly on your bag and take it to race registration.

We regret you can’t just meet us at race start outside Balerno. We were trying to work it out, but its just not feasible, so all runners are required to attend race registration in Peebles where you’ll also be given your timing chip for the race.

There’s been a few changes to the race briefing pack we sent out.

The updated version can be downloaded by clicking here.

The important changes are as follows:

  • Race registration is now from 06:45 am – 07:45 am in Peebles.
  • Race briefing will then be given before you get on the bus to leave for race start at approximately 08:00 am.
  • There will be portaloos at race registration which is in the same location as your first checkpoint and where your drop bag will be available.

We look forward to seeing you next weekend!

Great Glen 2019 – Race Briefing & Bib Numbers

This year’s runner information pack for the Great Glen Ultra is now available to download from this link.

Runner bib numbers are now available from SiEntries by clicking here. Please ensure that your bib number is written clearly on your drop bag and any bag you need transported back to the finish.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the information pack or race.

See you on the start line in July!


Thieves Road Ultra 2019 – Entries Open

We’re delighted to announce that the very first Thieves Road Ultra will take place on the 10th of August 2019. You can enter via SiEntries by clicking here.

For the first year of the race we’ll have less runners than a “normal” year would have just to test things out and see how the course handles the numbers. We’re also aware that its a bit short notice, but we also get feedback saying that races open way too far in advance these days, so maybe there will be those of you at a loose end looking for a new challenge in the coming months.

The course itself is about 40 miles long… there’s some hills… course will be fully marked… its not technical underfoot and is suited runners of all abilities; so no prior ultra marathon experience is needed.

Race basecamp will be in Peebles, so its easily in reach of the central belt and there’s loads of parking onsite. Runners will be taken by bus to the start and the race will finish in Peebles.

You can find out more about the race from our page here.

Glen Ogle 33 Ultra – 2019 Entry Details

Entries for this year’s Glen Ogle 33 Ultra will open on Saturday 1st June at 9pm from the link below.

Clicky-tastic link to SiEntries

You can find out more about the race itself by visiting the race information page here.

We’ll have 600 places available and they usually take a week or two to sell, so there’s no mad rush or need to panic.

As always, we’ll be having a post-race ceilidh in Killin. This serves as a nice end of season party with all money from ticket sales and the raffle going to the local Cancer Research fundraising group. The ladies from the group will also be on hand to sell hot drinks and their amazing home baking to runners after the race in the McLaren Hall.

Glen Lyon Ultra & Trail Race – 2019 Results

This year’s Glen Lyon weekend took place on the 4th and 5th of May. We woke up to a covering of snow on the ground on the morning of the 4th, but it was a good day for running.

Ultra Marathon Results

Womens Race

1stClaire Gordon04:18:37
2ndFiona Watt04:46:01
3rdMake Felstead04:58:19

Mens Race

1stDavid Shaw04:07:00
2ndDavid Gow04:11:45
3rdRodger Sangster04:16:43

This year’s Lanterne Rouge award was presented to Jennifer Portch.

Bill of BAM with Jennifer Portch

Full race results for the ultra marathon (PDF format) can be downloaded by clicking here.

Trail Race Results

Womens Race

1stMorvern MacKenzie01:58:36
2ndAilsa Lopez02:08:13
3rdCharlotte Brown02:10:31

Morvern MacKenzie was also second overall, finishing 6 minutes after Peter Kadobinskyj.

Mens Race

1stPeter Kadobinskyj01:52:56
2ndAndrew Ballantine01:58:52
3rdMark Cuthbertson01:59:40

Full race results for the trail race (PDF format) can be downloaded by clicking here.

Glenmore 24 Trail Race – 2011 Results

Glenmore 2011 – And they’re off!

In 2011 we had a total of 27 runners trying out our new race for the first time. In fact this was the first race we’d ever organised and we couldn’t have expected how it would grow over the years.

A collector’s item now, the original flyer we sent to running shops to try and drum up interest in the new race

We didn’t have the short loop in place for the last hour so runners had to judge when to finish and when to go for one more full lap at the risk of missing the 12/24 hour cut-off and it not being counted in their final total. With it being the first year of the race, these were all new course records for total distance covered.

The highest mileage achieved this year was 124 miles by Jeroen Renes which was obviously a new course record.

You can see lots of pictures from the inaugural Glenmore 24 by following this clicky link.


The winners! (L-R) Fiona Rennie; Mimi Anderson; Carrie Craig; Ross Moreland; Jeroen Renes; Alan Crawford

24 Hour Category, Mens Race

1stJeroen Renes124 miles
2ndRoss Moreland116 miles
3rdAlan Crawford104 miles

24 Hour Category, Womens Race

1st woman & 3rd overallMimi Anderson112 miles
2ndFiona Rennie108 miles
3rdCarrie Craig104 miles

12 Hour Category, Mens Race

1stColin Hutt56 miles
2ndJohn Watts44 miles
3rdMike Blamires20 miles

24 Hour Category, Womens Race

1stAntonia Johnson72 miles
2ndJamie Aarons68 miles
3rdHelen Buxton60 miles

Full race results in PDF format can be downloaded by clicking here.

BAM Chat Forum

In recent times, we’ve been making use of Facebook to share a lot of our race information and also to allow you all to chat about the races. Over the years, we’ve ended up with too many Facebook pages – we now have a BAM Racing page; a page for each race and a “chat” group for each race.

In theory that’s a good model as it keeps everything separate. In practice, its a bit of a pain to administer and doesn’t benefit runners who may miss posts which (we think) would appeal to them, but they may not see as they’re not members of that particular page.

We’re also well aware that not everybody has a Facebook account and while you don’t need one to view our pages, we’re also not big fans of Facebook’s attitude towards customer privacy, nor how they like to use your data.

So we’ve taken the decision to close the individual race pages and just post to our main BAM Racing website (which you’re reading now). Those posts will then be shared on our BAM Racing Facebook page and Twitter feed.

So we’ve also taken the decision to open a BAM Racing chat forum.

For all you teenagers out there, before Facebook changed how we use the internet, internet chat forums were one of the most popular ways for users to chat about shared interest subjects. Facebook made a lot of them redundant, but I think, like vinyl records, they’re going to make a bit of a comeback.

We’ve set our own one up which you can access from the “Forum” link at the top of the page. Or just click here if you’re so inclined. Its very basic just now, but we’ll add more functionality over time. Photo sharing will be the first thing we add, but you can link to photos hosted elsewhere from day one.

To begin posting you just need to register a username and email address. Our site uses cookies to improve the user experience, but we don’t track anything or share this information with 3rd parties. We also won’t share your contact details with any third partiesSo if you’re checking out a thread about which trainers to wear on our forum, you’re not going to suddenly plagued with adverts for the latest shoes.

Anyway, check it out and let us know what you think. There’s a forum for each race which will replace the Facebook chat pages, a forum for any other ultra running chat and one for anything else at all.