BAM Chat Forum

In recent times, we’ve been making use of Facebook to share a lot of our race information and also to allow you all to chat about the races. Over the years, we’ve ended up with too many Facebook pages – we now have a BAM Racing page; a page for each race and a “chat” group for each race.

In theory that’s a good model as it keeps everything separate. In practice, its a bit of a pain to administer and doesn’t benefit runners who may miss posts which (we think) would appeal to them, but they may not see as they’re not members of that particular page.

We’re also well aware that not everybody has a Facebook account and while you don’t need one to view our pages, we’re also not big fans of Facebook’s attitude towards customer privacy, nor how they like to use your data.

So we’ve taken the decision to close the individual race pages and just post to our main BAM Racing website (which you’re reading now). Those posts will then be shared on our BAM Racing Facebook page and Twitter feed.

So we’ve also taken the decision to open a BAM Racing chat forum.

For all you teenagers out there, before Facebook changed how we use the internet, internet chat forums were one of the most popular ways for users to chat about shared interest subjects. Facebook made a lot of them redundant, but I think, like vinyl records, they’re going to make a bit of a comeback.

We’ve set our own one up which you can access from the “Forum” link at the top of the page. Or just click here if you’re so inclined. Its very basic just now, but we’ll add more functionality over time. Photo sharing will be the first thing we add, but you can link to photos hosted elsewhere from day one.

To begin posting you just need to register a username and email address. Our site uses cookies to improve the user experience, but we don’t track anything or share this information with 3rd parties. We also won’t share your contact details with any third partiesSo if you’re checking out a thread about which trainers to wear on our forum, you’re not going to suddenly plagued with adverts for the latest shoes.

Anyway, check it out and let us know what you think. There’s a forum for each race which will replace the Facebook chat pages, a forum for any other ultra running chat and one for anything else at all.