Race Info

The race is usually somewhere between 31-33 miles long and starts in the village of Killin. The route is run on a variety of surfaces, but all good underfoot, so it would make a nice race for those looking to step up from marathon distance. Of course, being Scotland in November, the weather might add a wee extra chellenge to the proceedings. The route is out and back (with a twist), so you don’t need to worry about transport back to the start.

go33 course profile

go33 course profileClick here to download a .gpx file of the course which is compatible with most GPS devices like Suunto & Garmin.

The race will start from Killin at 8am and runners should aim to be finished by 4pm. This works out at an average 4mph. Depending on the weather conditions, we may impose a cut-off time at the final checkpoint for runners who are walking/struggling and may not finish before darkness. This is for the safety of you and the race crew.

We’ll provide water every 7 miles or so at race checkpoints where you can also choose to have a drop bag available. BAM do not supply disposable cups at checkpoints as we are trying to reduce waste at all our events.

The majority  of the route is on cycle paths and forest trails so its good conditions underfoot and nothing technical although depending on the weather, you’ll probably get your feet wet in the forest. There are 5 miles or so on very quiet country B roads out the back of Strathyre, headed towards Balquihidder.

Safety Info

This is an unsupported race. Its a solo running challenge and its only fair for everyone to treat it as such. So don’t be receiving outside assistance, especially if you’re at the pointy end of things, because the chances are you’ll be found out and then we’ll have to sort it out which is a real ball ache and puts a dampener on the day.

Supporters and well wishers are not permitted at the first and last race checkpoints at Glen Ogle itself. This is because of the location of the checkpoint – runners cross a very fast and busy A road – which also has very limited space for parking. As well as the health and safety of runners and other road users, we need to leave easy access for emergency vehicles as well as parking for members of the public who are visiting the area.

This point is non-negotiable. Anybody found to be ignoring marshals on this one may have their runner removed from the race. People ignoring this point are putting the future of the race in jeopardy.

There’s lots of great places to watch runners with adequate parking – the start/finish in Killin; Strathyre and if you fancy a walk or bike, there’s some nice vantage points within a short distance of both villages.

We’ll have a number of first-aiders available on the day with medical supplies at each CP and the start/finish.

Please just keep an eye out for your fellow runners to make sure we all get home to the pub in good time and in good health.

Kit List
Main rule is….. use your common sense. The list below is just to get the old grey stuff thinking about what you should take with you for a long day of running in the Scottish winter. The route is good underfoot and you’re not clambering over mountains, so while you can leave your crampons at home you might want to pack an extra couple of layers in case its a wet & cold one.

We have some items of mandatory kit which you must carry at all times. We will be doing random kit checks at race registration. Anyone found not to be carrying these will not be allowed to race. No exceptions and no excuses.

  1. An emergency space/foil blanket – full size, not one which you’ve cut down to the size of a postage stamp.
  2. A functioning mobile phone with the race control number in it.
  3. The means of carrying 1 litre of water – bottles, soft flasks or reservoir.

To help you out a bit so you don’t have to carry everything, you can put some snacks in a bag to be left at the race checkpoints and collected as you run through.  If its a particularly pishy day weather-wise you can also leave a change of clothes or an extra wooly hat there for the homeward leg. We’ll provide more info on this in the race briefing pack.

  • Means of hydration – bottles or bladder system.
  • Full waterproof cover
  • Gloves
  • Hat/buff
  • Pepper spray for the bears if its a cold ‘un
  • Head torch
  • Watch
  • Basic first aid kit to deal with blisters, scrapes etc.
  • Some warm layers if its a particularly nippy day


We encourage as many of you as possible to stay over in Killin, boosting this brilliant little community at the end of the year.  There are several hotels, campsites  and B&B’s in the village and surrounding area that are now well used to us turning up and taking over.  Strathyre is very close and has some lovely places to stay, as does Callander which is a wee bit further away but still much closer than an early start from further afield.

Get booked-in early as they sell out quick!