Glenmore 24 Trail Race – 2011 Results

Glenmore 2011 – And they’re off!

In 2011 we had a total of 27 runners trying out our new race for the first time. In fact this was the first race we’d ever organised and we couldn’t have expected how it would grow over the years.

A collector’s item now, the original flyer we sent to running shops to try and drum up interest in the new race

We didn’t have the short loop in place for the last hour so runners had to judge when to finish and when to go for one more full lap at the risk of missing the 12/24 hour cut-off and it not being counted in their final total. With it being the first year of the race, these were all new course records for total distance covered.

The highest mileage achieved this year was 124 miles by Jeroen Renes which was obviously a new course record.

You can see lots of pictures from the inaugural Glenmore 24 by following this clicky link.


The winners! (L-R) Fiona Rennie; Mimi Anderson; Carrie Craig; Ross Moreland; Jeroen Renes; Alan Crawford

24 Hour Category, Mens Race

1stJeroen Renes124 miles
2ndRoss Moreland116 miles
3rdAlan Crawford104 miles

24 Hour Category, Womens Race

1st woman & 3rd overallMimi Anderson112 miles
2ndFiona Rennie108 miles
3rdCarrie Craig104 miles

12 Hour Category, Mens Race

1stColin Hutt56 miles
2ndJohn Watts44 miles
3rdMike Blamires20 miles

24 Hour Category, Womens Race

1stAntonia Johnson72 miles
2ndJamie Aarons68 miles
3rdHelen Buxton60 miles

Full race results in PDF format can be downloaded by clicking here.