Race Entry – DRAFT

All of our races can be entered via SiEntries. If you go to their home page and select “Filter Events”, just put one of our race names in the Event Name box and it will bring up the page you need to visit to enter.

When you enter your chose race, you’ll be advised that you’re accepting our race rules. You can also review these before you enter by visiting the page here – UPDATE.

If you have any questions about the race you’re going to enter, please contact us before you enter.

Each of our races opens at a different time, so we announce the date on this website and across our social media pages. The easiest & quickest way to keep abreast of anything BAM-related is to follow us on Twitter.

The only one of our races for which we ask you have a degree of ultra running or endurance experience is The Great Glen. As part of the entry process, we’ll ask you to tell us about your past experience. The reason for this is that a 71 mile ultra is a fairly serious undertaking and we want to make sure you’re best placed to complete it as well as actually enjoying the experience.

There’s a lot of shorter ultra marathons available now on which to “cut your teeth” and learn lots of valuable lessons about pacing, fuel and other race strategies. If you take this approach, we firmly believe you’ll enjoy the longer races much more.