Course Records

Current course records for our events are as follows.

Glenmore 24 Trail Race

The course for the Glenmore 24 races has remained the same since it was first run in 2009. The only change came with the introduction of the “short loop” option for the final hour in both races back in 2015.

CategoryRecordHolderYear Set
Overall Distance144.3 milesJames Stewart2015
24 Hour, Women126.1 milesNoanie Heffron2013
12 Hr, Women76.79 milesElaine Omand2014
12 Hr, Men80.03 milesJeroen Rênes2013

Great Glen Ultra

The Great Glen Ultra course route changed in 2016 to take in the new High Route. Depending on forestry works, this route may be unavailable some years, so we have also included results for the low route.

CategoryRecordHolderYear Set
Course (High)11:02:07Mike Raffan2017
Women’s (High)13:02:25Fiona Gibson2017
Course (Low)10:48:43Mike Raffan2014
Women’s (Low)12:20:39Antonia Wesley2015

Glen Lyon Ultra & Trail Race

The route for both of these races has been consistent from the start.

Ultra – Course03:55:45John Connolly2017
Ultra – Women04:45:51Lyndsay Cameron2018
Trail – Course01:38:03Eoin Lennon2017
Trail – Women01:58:53Lynne Allen2017

Glen Ogle 33

The Glen Ogle 33 course has changed many times over the years but has been pretty consistent since 2015.

Course03:29:51Neil Renault2016
Women04:17:30Charlotte Black2015